It’s been five years since the attempted hostile takeover by the Jedi and the Empire has gained considerable ground throughout the galaxy. The handful of surviving Jedi, however, have managed to remain a nuisance, starting small rebel cells on outlying planets and attacking supply convoys. These can only be described as terrorist activities. The Empire has begun a program to train specialists whose primary task will be to hunt down and eliminate the continued threat of the treacherous Jedi. Many in the military brass (or at least the ones privy to the existence of the program) scoff at the idea that a handful of men can do a better job than the entire Imperial Navy. However the order to form the unit came directly from the Emperor, and Lord Vader himself oversaw some of the training. Your team has neared the end of the training program and is anxious to show the more skeptical exactly what you can do. jedi_hunter.jpg

The Dark Times: Jedi Hunters